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Students & Youths

For Students & Youth

Our ‘Get Discovered’ program gives students the ability to be matched with suitable colleges, access to scholarships and funding, and a suite of tools to showcase their talents to potential colleges, all with the help of professional branding and personal manager.

For Coaches & Recruiters

For Coaches & Recruiters

Are you an enterprise seeking to open doors for students to have access to your college programs and scholarships? We love to afford coaches and recruiters a chance to have access to our nation’s best talent, especially the undiscovered and originals.

Corporate Sponsors

For Corporate Sponsors

Do you know a child or several children who would benefit from a ‘Get Discovered’ membership, OR perhaps you simply love what we are trying to do for our nation’s youths? We offer an array of partnership opportunities and membership purchase options.

Foundation Sponsors

For Foundation Sponsors

Do you know a child or several children who would benefit from a ‘Get Discovered’ membership, OR perhaps you simply love what we are trying to do for our nation’s youths? Either way, consider becoming a foundation sponsor. Foundation sponsors have the added benefit of making tax-deductible donations toward SRUs’ growth through our partner, UPI Education.

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Packages to Suit Every Student’s Scholarship Literacy Needs

All packages include;

1. exclusive discount offers to private workouts,

2. invitation-only camps and clinics based on your matching academics,

3. invitation only camps and clinics based on your matching professional athletic metrics and evaluation.



Get Started

  • Your Unique List: 

  • YOU receive a List of up to Twenty (20) Colleges / Universities you academically qualify to attend. On the List, you are in the top 25% for possible acceptance and scholarship / grant opportunities.
  • *List includes schools outside the Top 25% if academic scores do not meet full requirement criteria.
  • Receive College Prep Must-Haves: 

  • NCAA & NAIA Eligibility Links.
  • SAT/ACT Links.
  • SAT/ACT Prep Course.
  • Exclusive One-on-One Sessions: 

  • One WELCOME Session (30-MINS).
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Get Discovered Plus
  • 1-YEAR

  • Your Unique List:

  • YOU receive a List of minimum Twenty (20) Colleges / Universities you Academically qualify to attend. On the List, you are in the top 25% for possible acceptance and scholarship / grant opportunities.
  • *List includes schools outside the Top 25%, if academic scores do not meet full requirement criteria. 
  • Receive the ‘Get Discovered’ Profile

  •    and 

  • College Prep Must-Haves: 

  • NCAA & NAIA Eligibility Links.
  • SAT/ACT Links.
  • SAT/ACT Prep Course.
  • Exclusive One-on-One Sessions: 

  • WELCOME session (30-MINS) and
  • ‘Get Discovered’ Coaching Session (30-MINS)
  • Optional Extras:  

  • Our Exclusive Skills Video App (Additional $100)
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Get Discovered Superior
  • 1-YEAR


  • ADDITIONAL Exclusive One-on-One Sessions: 

  • One 1-Hour College Application Training (CAT) session.
  • UNLIMITED ‘Get Discovered’ Coaching Sessions (*Fair Use Policy)
  • UNLIMITED ‘Scholarship Literacy’ Sessions (*Fair Use Policy)
  • Two ‘Scholarship Offer’ Consultations (1 session per school offer)
  • One Exclusive ‘Scholarship Offer’ Comparative Session.
  • AND Included Extra:

  • Exclusive Skills Video App ($100 value).
  • *List includes schools outside the Top 25%, if academic scores do not meet full requirement criteria. See details below.
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SRU’s ‘Top-Rated’ proprietary software (List) compares your Grade Point Average (GPA) and your Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT) scores against more than 4700 colleges and universities matching regions, states, gender and sport(s) desired with Junior Colleges, NAIA and Divisions 1, 2, and 3.

The list will provide schools where you are in the top 25% – 50% for acceptance, scholarships and grant opportunities. The List includes a direct website link to the school(s) for quick access information on tuition, campus life, degrees offered, athletic department home page, individual team sport information and more!

*List may include schools outside of the Top 25% – 50% if academic scores do not meet full requirement criteria. 

The profile provides college coaches with integrated, online student/athlete information. Coaches will see your personal details, photos, grades, graduation year, team sport(s), playing position, tournament schedules including updates in “Real Time”. Imagine posting a video of a “big hit” or winning basket or a picture of your final exam with an “A” and it instantly posts to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts simultaneously at the push of a button. Now that’s a game winner!

These College Eligibility Must-Haves are the key to your success.


If you want to play NCAA sports at a Division I or II school, you need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center to ensure you have met amateurism standards and are academically prepared for college coursework. The Eligibility Centers are independent of the NCAA and NAIA however, they provide verification to both sports bodies. If a student-athlete is not properly registered they will not be eligible to participate in a college sport. Scholarships R Us assists student-athletes in the registration process.


Taking the SAT and/or ACT test is imperative if one wants to attend college or receive a scholarship. SRUs will provide you with online SAT and ACT prep courses that you can take at your own pace. It’s VERY IMPORTANT to understand that:

  • Test scores are critical to a student’s college opportunities.
  • The higher your test scores the better one’s chances for scholarship or grant monies.
  • Some employers require SAT and ACT scores in their consideration to hire.

Colleges emphasize high-test scores because it gives them a way to evaluate students with disparate school records. College admission’s officers reward good grades and good test scores with scholarship offers. Prior to 1990, scholarships were primarily awarded to athletic recruits and students with high financial need. Today, almost every competitive 4-year college awards scholarships to entice academic talent and student athletes. Awards of $2,000 – $200,000 are based largely on SAT or ACT scores. Student athletes need to compete both on and off the field.


Email templates include appropriate communications that you can use to send to Coaches and Recruiters, enhancing the potential for visibility and exposure, while being respectful of the recipient’s time and consideration. Our exclusive “Scholarship Offer” module, consist of one-on-one consultation – assessing a scholarship offer BEFORE you accept it. Ensuring that the right questions are asked, discovering if the offer is the right one for you. The goal is to maximize your scholastic (offer) benefits with “Scholarship Literacy” guidance leading to your successful graduation.

These sessions introduce you to all aspects of your chosen Plan and ensure that you understand the college acceptance process and the road to scholarships.


This introductory session ensures that you get the best start with your chosen package. Helping you to reach your goal(s) is our goal.


The ‘Get Discovered’ coaching sessions are designed to ensure you get the most out of your Program selection. We want you to be successful in every aspect of the college recruiting process. Our coaches are former college athletes, coaches and personnel trained to provide you with Scholarship Literacy and useful tips on how to navigate the recruitment process, get accepted into a school that meets your needs and graduate.

  • Silver Members receive a 30-minute introductory session including guidance on the set-up of your new profile, integrating your social media networks and an introduction to our College Research Scholarship Literacy.
  • Gold Members receive a 2-hour introductory session which not only covers the set-up of your new profile and all that is provided in the Silver plan but also guidance on how best to maximize the use of your profile, social media profiles with coaches and schools through proven personal Branding techniques.
  • Platinum Members receive unlimited coaching sessions inclusive of all that is covered in the Silver and Gold plans plus access to additional Scholarship Literacy modules including access to new modules as they are released.


These sessions are designed to provide in-depth discussions regarding how best to communicate with college coaches; having a good training regiment; common pitfalls when interacting with social media that can negatively affect one’s reputation and maintaining good grades in addition to achieving your best as an athlete.


Our programs prepare you for success. When you are offered a scholarship, it’s important that you know how to evaluate and negotiate the offer to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal. Some of the basic items to consider are:

  • Room and Board
  • Tuition fees
  • Merit-based
  • Books
  • Meal Plans
  • Parking


Comparison sessions allow us to compare apples to oranges. We review your scholarship offers with you and compare them in detail looking at the pros and cons based upon your unique desires.

SRUS “Scholarship Literacy” motto defines our commitment to helping student-athletes and families throughout the college process. Helping them to avoid pitfalls and master the road to success both academically and financially. This includes CAT.

CAT services will help you:

  • Develop a customized plan to help pay for all the college costs of your family.
  • Know how assets are valued when calculating the Expected Family Contribution (EFC).
  • Reduce your out of pocket costs and get the maximum amount of financial aid from each school.
  • Increase your college-related tax deductions and credits.
  • Know how to select colleges that will give the best financial aid packages.
  • Discover how to send your child to an expensive private college for less than a state school.
  • Pay for college without relying on expensive private loans or raiding your personal retirement accounts.

Getting the most for a student-athlete can be a time-consuming adventure. Getting started with SRUs makes the adventure a pleasure and rewarding.



Coaches and Recruiters can’t possibly see every player in a live game, so their first request is to see your video. SRUs Gold and Platinum Plans include a personal license to use our online video software cloud-based system as often as you like. Our video service provides high definition professional quality results with built-in editing capability, so you can showcase your athletic progress and video highlights almost instantly. And best of all you won’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars in keeping pace with your growth and development as a player.


SRUs’s Fair Usage Policy is designed in such a manner that we continue to provide the best of experience to all our customers.

Why a Fair Usage Policy?

A very small number of customers take liberties by excessively using services labelled ‘Unlimited’, to the extent that it can impair the experience of others. The intent of SRUs’s Fair Usage Policy is to provide the optimum experience and service to all customers.

What happens in Fair Usage Policy?

Under the policy we have defined fair usage levels for unlimited plans and needless to mention, the usage levels set are very generous such that most customers will not be affected by the Fair Usage Policy.

On reaching the fair usage level, the service allowances would become balanced and unbiased, and is rationalized by taking the average for customer usage for that particular service for the current period.

Please note that the ‘Unlimited’ services will become reset at the start of the next billing cycle.

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